Lee C.
Los Angeles, CA

Live in the area and walked by a ton before coming in today. Doesn't look like much from the outside but when you take a look at the counter it's packed with a ton of different types of goodies. One thing I love is that they do not skimp on the good stuff. The chocolate croissant had a ton of chocolate in it and the cinnamon bun had a ton of raisins in it.

This isn't the best bakery I've ever but Its solid. It's been around for 65 plus years in the same location and their quality is excellent. The lady working there that I meet on Sunday has been there for 20 years and is so nice!

Ken J.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

So nice to have been treated well after having been ignored at Isola down the street. A nice, quiet place to have a top-notch poppy Hamentasch while sitting and getting wifi. Good peaceful place to be if you have an hour to kill in the area.

L. A.
Los Angeles, CA

For a Black and White cookie and a cheese bagel and cream cheese, no one does it better!!!

I've been going here since I was a kid. Old school and pretty amazing. Try the bran cookies if you want a half healthy treat.

Matt G.
Calabasas, CA

I grew up in the neighborhood and Fred's was the only deli and bakery we went to for
all our breads and cakes, etc. Now, many years later, having moved out of the neighborhood I still go back for their famous French coffee cake. After the owner died, the recipe never changed and every year it holds a place of honor on my Christmas table.

P Z.
Los Angeles, CA

This place bakes the bread for Langer's. Since the 70's. If you want a delicious no-frills pastrami, this is the place.

Their bakery though--rugolach, pumpkin pies, brownies, everything I've tried is outstanding.

Soleil D.
Los Angeles, CA

4.5 stars and yay for being first!

I love this place! The sandwiches are awesome, fresh deli and fresh produce. The baked good's are all very good at reasonable prices, around 6-7 dollars a sandwich. I prefer this place over the Dolce Isola.

Also, if you call in advance they'll make your sandwich ahead of time so you don't have to wait.

Rod A.
Los Angeles, CA

In business for over 60 years, this bakery is a quiet gem offering a great selection of baked goods. My favorite are the chocolate rugalas,

micaela r.
Oakland, CA

i had never heard of or seen this place before yesterday, when my mom made a u-turn on robertson and said, "they have the best chocolate babka in la, let's get one!"

i hopped in while she waited in the car. fred's is a small bakery with little to no decor. there are a few teeny round tables and chairs to dine in. i definitely brought the average customer age down my a good 30 years when i stepped in. i got a chocolate babka, and asked for one rugelach cookie and one florentine cookie to snack on. the lady gave me the cookies for free ("happy thanksgiving"), which was sweet. the chocolate babka (10.99) weighs about 8 pounds and is delicious. the combination of streusel-crumbs, chocolate, and bready goodness is delicious. we've been eating way too much of it, especially for thanksgiving week!

Josh S.
Los Angeles, CA

DELICIOUS breads, their black and white cookies are a MUST to try... at least once... 5 STARS!!

Steve B.
Half Moon Bay, CA

great selection ..a fan for long time...not the original owners..but there courtesy and have good selection and its fresh...highly recommend..usually can get street parking...maybe metered ..if not park on side street in nice daylight time..