Amy E.
Culver City, CA

I attended a music recital last weekend and tasted the most delicious pastries! They were so good that I actually snuck back and pocketed three more when no one was looking. I had to ask the hostess where she'd procured the delectable, authentically European delights. It's this great, long-time Culver City-adjacent establishment...Fred's Bakery and Deli.

The original "Fred" escaped World War 2 Germany. He blessed us with his authentic German recipes.

I purchased my own selection of cookies for a Christmas party and can't wait to go back for pretzel-olive challah!!

Sherry T.
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Excellent baked goods! The rugulah are the best I have ever tasted! The chocolate croissants are very good too, in fact I haven't tasted anything that I didn't like. New owners have really made a difference. I stop almost daily on my way to work, and I would recommend you do too!!

Norman G.
Los Angeles, CA

I've been shopping at Fred's for 59 years! The breads are good, the onion rolls excellent, the pastries outstanding, the service pleasant and efficient, and the cinnamon buns are the best anyplace if you have raisin lovers in your family.

Stan L.
Austin, TX

This is thee neighborhood place..lox, bagels and yummy cakes, cookies, cupcakes..soon to be hopefully breakfast....Thanks Avi for great bagels this AM and welcome to the hood.

Megan L.
Los Angeles, CA

I love this place. I've been coming here for years now and I can't say anything negative about Fred's! Very nice people there, Rashida is my girl lol definitely give this place a try!

D G.
Tustin, CA

We went into Fred's a few weeks ago out of the blue because we were taking my grandma out for lunch. Turns out we arrived while the new owner was repainting the place and the deli wasn't quite fully operational yet.

Still, the owner very kindly made us sandwiches despite the fact that it was difficult for him and listened to my Mom's tales of coming her with her family back in the day.

Then, I dropped half of my grandmother's sandwich as I was putting in a doggie bag. The owner then made her a new half of a sandwich and gave us some rugelach to enjoy. We were so touched. It was just a wonderful experience all around.

Yaffa M.
Los Angeles, CA

The multi grain bread is the best in town, I love the bagels, they have the best cheese bagle and the best multi grain bagle. I can wait to wait to get the sticky buns, I love this place,

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David G.
Paramount, CA

Best place to come and get your French rolls or bagels very delicious!!! I also recommend the chocolate covered almond horns !

Lucky S.
West Hollywood, CA

Raisin rugelach!!!!

Just a great, plain little Jewish bakery. Cheap as sin. I also love getting some tuna salad & a bag of Doritos & dipping them. Their sandwiches are large, no comparison to Subway & those other places and just as cheap.

Some Korean owners purchased it about 2 yrs ago but they kept the same staff so no difference in quality.

Marie C.
Los Angeles, CA

Best bread you can find in LA. Oh and their pastries are so delicious. The rughgaloughs ( can't spell to save my life but they will know what I'm talking about) are delicious. They have them in raspberry and chocolate. The people that work her are nice as well.