Donna A.
Los Angeles, CA

This bakery is the best I have ever tasted. The people that work there are always so nice

This is a bakery everyone should try fabulous delicious wonderful

Yasi A.
Beverly Hills, CA

The most delicious bakery! Yummy and very fresh pastries including challahs! My favorite is the croissants. They are so soft and crispy! Their prices are super fair too.

Nick S.
Los Angeles, CA

Fred's recently changed hands and I worried it would no longer be my "go to" bakery. Fortunately the new owners are great -- they've already upgraded the dining area and display. The cookies, pastures and florentines are the same, there's a nice selection of bagels, and a new olive challah is wonderful!! In fact I have been recommending the challah and bread to many other people in our neighborhood.

Jennifer R.
Los Angeles, CA

I needed to find some "dessert" to bring to a friend's house for dinner. Fred's is nearby and had great reviews here. I'd never stopped in before. But got about a pound of cookies - ruggelah, hamantaschen, and a few other things that I have no idea what they are called - probably a little more than two dozen mixed cookies in the box for about $13. Seemed reasonable, and the woman behind the counter gave me one small cookie for kicks. yay. Everyone at the dinner party - including me - thought the cookies were terrific, which says a lot because this is a crowd that won't eat dessert if it's not "worth it"! Thumbs up for Fred's!

Dianna R.
Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely the BEST bagels you've ever had! I tried their Rugalach today - DELICIOUS!
Avi couldn't be more helpful or more kind. Don't miss this bakery! You won't be disappointed.

Darrell A.
Inglewood, CA

I remember coming to this bakery back in the 1980s.The high school I attended was less than 3 minutes away. I enjoyed this bakery then and I still do...now.

Jack H.
Los Angeles, CA

I came by here to get some cookies and stuff for Christmas and they were extremely helpful. The gentleman working was very kind. I didn't eat any of the baked goods but it all looked really good!! Service was excellent! I would come back and try their stuff!

Mike A.
Los Angeles, CA

My 93 year old dad lives close to Fred's Bakery, been coming here for years I Like to stop by and get bread, bagels, cookies, pastry's before going to dads.
The place changed hands a while back and I must say the new owner is great (kind and very polite a nice man) and so are the bakery goods. Me and my dad stopped by for lunch today had great sandwiches and bought a ton of bakery goods.
Bon appetit.

Mark M.
Los Angeles, CA

What a refreshing discovery soon after moving into the neighborhood. Enjoyed a pastrami sandwich with homemade potato salad and pickle, a coffee, and a German pastry along with charming and insightful conversation from manager Avi. This place has not morphed into a hipster coffee shop since its inception after WWII. Essentially, you get deli food and old-fashioned German pastries (now offering French as well), along with personal attention, and no unemployed screenwriters hogging tables. Lovely.

Quirky Q.
Los Angeles, CA

This place is an LA establishment. My husband introduced me to Fred's a few years ago when we needed a bunch of bagels for a family brunch. He told me they make the best bagels he's ever had and he's been going there since he was a child, almost 30 years. Oh my goodness... I don't know what they do to these bagels, but they're perfect! After I toasted my cheese and onion bagel, I smeared on my cream cheese and quickly drifted off into heaven. The outside was crisp with that little bit of fried cheese and the inside was warm, soft and chewy. I've had cheese bagels and bialis but this was something else! Everyone was raving about the bagels at the brunch. I was trying to eat healthy at that time and I threw caution to the wind and ate a second bagel!!

Also super delicious at Fred's, the Marble Rye Bread, rugelach cookies (I usually get a couple dozen because they vanish quickly) and the Chocolate Babka.

The decor is simple and modest. My husband says it hasn't changed in the 30 years that he's been going. It's located right on a busy section of Robertson but parking is always easy.